The Project REsCO

Motivation, Research questions, work packages, project schedule, practitioners advisory board.

Motivation for the project

In Germany, a lot of effort has been undertaken in the past to transform its energy system into a sustainable one. However, it is becoming more and more obvious that Germany will miss the GHG emission reduction targets set for the "Energiewende" (i.e. 40 % by 2020 compared to GHG emission levels of 1990). In particular, in the sector "private households" progress is slower than hoped for.

Research questions

Content-related: To what extent or how can private households be motivated to participate in community-based activities that support the transformation of the energy system?

Methodological: To what extent or how can existing economic explanatory approaches of behaviour patterns be further developed?

Analytical: What is the relevance of joint activities by private households from the point of view of the economy as a whole and the energy economy?

Project schedule of REsCO

The project schedule for the work packages (WP) of REsCO, including planned milestones.

The Project
Last Modified: 15.09.2022